SCREENPLAY by MARIA DOUZA Based on an idea
by Eleni Atsikbasis

Eleni Karapanos (Myrto Alikaki), professor of cardiology in London – has been estranged from her father (Elias Logothetis) for over fifteen years now, ever since defying his wishes she left Greece to relocate to England. Kyriakos who had been a refugee child in Serbia after the war has never forgiven her for leaving her country. One day, Eleni’s husband Harris loses his job in a big corporation and is posted to China indefinitely. The prospect of a new uprooting prompts Eleni to make a “return” trip to her homeland. Before embarking upon a distant journey, Eleni wants to bridge the distance between her and her father, but also give her daughter Anna a “home” if she ever needs it. On a deeper level though what she really needs is to find a way back “home” herself. On the pretext of responding to one of her father’s calls she takes Anna and comes to Greece, for Easter holiday. But when she reaches home nothing she finds is as she expects. A Serbian woman, Nina (Mirjanna Karanovic), is living with Kyriakos, looking after his big estate. Kyriakos has been harbouring a few secrets of his own.



Best Fiction Feature Script
Media new talent Award London Greek Film Festival